I am the founder-and-facilitator of FitXpress, and have been working in the field of health promotion (HP) for more than 25 years.  My passion stems from what the field of health promotion offers in terms of practicing preventive health, and from how this concept promotes positive lifestyle change.  My service is to individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes and varying levels of capabilities.  However, my specialty is that of the specific needs of older adults.


To me, our older population is the spirit of America.  They have an abundance of experience, not only in their areas of work…but in life.  The type experience that can only be achieved through the aging process.  The type of experience we can all learn from if we simply stop…and listen.


Over the course of years, my research led me to become more-and-more interested in the impact physical activity has on quality of life for older adults.  According to one such body of research done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), aging itself is not the cause of disease, disability and frailty.  Instead, the opposite is said to be true.  Disabling processes are said to be the direct result of unhealthy choices and sedentary lifestyles.  As we all know, our population is aging at a very rapid rate and the NIH (2002) recently indicated it is “critical we take action to reduce rates of disease and continue accelerating the current decline in disability”.  It is up to all of us to join in the fight to make the United States healthier than ever before by empowering ourselves to become more physically active…no matter what our age.


My graduate degree is in Community Health Education and includes a certificate in Gerontology from the University of Northern Iowa.  Over the years I have been a trainer for Washington State and Senior Services’ Enhance Fitness™ program, Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management program, Cal State Fullerton’s Fallproof™ program and Oregon Research Institute’s Easy Tai Chi method.  I am also certified by the National Exercise Trainer’s Association in the areas of Personal Training, Group Fitness Instruction and yoga.


I am a HP consultant designing, promoting and implementing health & wellness programs.  I teach group classes, do private personal training & health coaching and contract with various senior-centered entities (e.g. Iowa’s Area Agencies on Aging).  I also provide seminars for people from all walks of life at the local, state and national level.


My mission is to provide my clients/participants with the educational tools and information needed to empower them to higher levels of health and wellness.  To assist them in their quest to maintain an independent lifestyle, and to possess the “quality” of life we all deserve in a society where “quantity” of life is abundant and in high demand.  


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