Chair Pilates

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Chair Pilates is a 35-minute mind & body production that emphasizes slow, fluid movements coupled with intentional breaths and engagement of the various core muscles responsible for everyday movements as well as support of the internal organs. The purposeful efforts associated with efforts such as Pilates have been shown to assist in efforts associated with performing activities of daily living (e.g. getting up from a chair, getting out of bed, etc.). This workout encourages you will be encourages the mind/body connection as you work to lengthen-and-strengthen the various muscle groups. Your efforts will leave you feeling taller-and-stronger than ever before, and provide a certain sense of harmony and wellbeing. Best of all…the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions make performance of the exercises possible for almost anyone of any age and/or capability. Choose to move with the calming, soothing music provided or…eliminate the music all together and play your own tunes.

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