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Made up of 7 of our top selling DVDs, the 7-pak consists of the following; Stars & Stripes, Music in Motion, Chair Pilates, Easy Tai Chi, Upper Body & Core Strength, Lower Body & Core Strength and Yoga Stretch. This wide array of titles allows you, the activity/recreation pro, to offer a wide variety of classes AND associated benefits too! The benefits vary to a small degree from title-to-title and include functional basics such as increased strength & flexibility, improved balance & lung function, enhanced body awareness & much more!

All 7 titles are class-formatted and performed from the chair. They vary with regard to their themes and the differing reminiscent background music that will be enjoyed by those who participate. The overarching goal is that of creating feelings of success for your residents. The movements found within each-and-every title are demonstrated in clear-and-concise manner AND…are safe, fun & effective!

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