Stars and Stripes

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This 35-minute title is broken into 3 separate segments that can be used 1-at-a-time for a shorter session, or they can roll from one-to-another for a longer session. This title is designed with the needs of the frail resident/patient (RP) in mind, and has both physical and mental benefits. RPs will love the patriotic tunes and theme as they move to improve their lung function, strength, flex­ibility and their overall body awareness. Your RPs will also be smiling the entire time which is a great way to reduce stressors and/or anxiety.

Stars & Stripes Fitnesscize puts the FUN into FUNction! The activities are demonstrated in a slow and methodical fashion so as to meet the various needs of RPs who are more frail, and possibly even participating from a wheelchair. Understanding that the human body is designed to move…use this title to get frail RPs moving…increasing their strength and watching them become more able. Before you know it, you’ll have them exercising to the FitXpress Music in Motion title. Being physically active can empower any RP, regardless of their functional capability, to higher levels of functional fitness. Empower your RPs today!

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